A few words about us

MEEKA Yogurt is an artisanal yogurt made from imported Australian premium milk free from artificial flavoring and preservative. MEEKA has its own in-house fermentation facility.

We believe that probiotic yogurt is the future of the beverage industry.

Since 2009, MEEKA has been developing the perfect combination of beverages for consumers. MEEKA yoghurt combines yogurt and fresh fruits, creating a more tasty and nutritional combination for the health-conscious younger generation.

MEEKA is an artisan yogurt specialty store which helps health conscious consumers understand and recognize the importance of yogurt as part of a healthy diet. In the near future, probiotic yogurt beverages will be considered a daily requirement drink for a healthy diet and challenge other popular beverages.

We choose the best for you.

MEEKA ensures all its ingredients follows a strict selection process. MEEKA yogurt is handmade using Australian premium milk and Bulgarian bacteria. This makes MEEKA yogurt taste better while being rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes.

MEEKA believes in sharing, with its simple and comfortable store environment. Sharing each cup with a friend is a delightful experience with MEEKA.

The story of MEEKA

  • 2009, trying to chase a girl, we opened the first MEEKA original yogurt shop in Hang Zhou.
  • 2013, MEEKA collaborate with European dairy companies.
  • 2014, MEEKA created a fermentation recipe for their yogurt.
  • 2015, MEEKA completed the original yogurt production process specification (“2934” process) and customized yogurt machine.
  • 2016, MEEKA signed a cooperation agreement with local Australian farms to achieve 100% direct supply of Australian milk.
  • 2017, MEEKA proposed the concept of living yogurt lifestyle, and the sales volume of yogurt exceeded 1 million cups.
  • 2018, MEEKA combined probiotics and fruit tea to create a new series, reaching 56 stores nationwide.
  • 2019, MEEKA plans to exceed 100 stores nationwide.
  • In May 2019, MEEKA’s first overseas store “Melbourne Australia” opened.
  • February 8 2020, MEEKA’s launched its first store in Malaysia, KL Sri Petaling!
Benefits of Yogurt
Yogurt comes in a variety of flavors that appeal to many people nowadays. It can be refrigerated or preserved at room temperature, making it a suitable daily snack that is highly nutritional.


Yogurt contains friendly bacteria that are beneficial to human health, such as lactobacillus, which has the effect of inhibiting the production of certain carcinogens.


Lose weight. Drinking yogurt can also produce a strong feeling of fullness and helps with digestion, making it conducive to weight loss.


Beauty. Yogurt is rich in nutrients, including vitamins – A , B1, B2, vitamin E, and carotene. These are known to help maintain healthy skin epithelial cells, prevent skin keratosis, dry skin, and so on.


Skin whitening. The vitamin C contained in yogurt, acts as a reducing agent in the human body, effectively hindering the oxidation process of tyrosine, and has antioxidant effect, so long-term consumption of yogurt can make the skin become delicate white and shiny.


Yogurt is suitable for lowering cholesterol and reducing constipation, acting both as a good method of prevention and treatment. Due to its effects on fatty acids, it can also contribute to weight loss.


People with indigestion. Yogurt contains many active lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, promote digestive fluid secretion, improve the absorption rate of a variety of minerals, thereby aiding in indigestion in both the young and old.